Sophisticated hacks target the weakest link in your cyber security defence – your employees.

When it comes to cyber security and ever-evolving threats, it’s not “if” but ‘when’—- threats will always be present and looking for soft targets in your organisation. There are consistently new “fake” sites or ‘spoofs’ designed to phish data from users and your organisation.

Last year was a watershed year which saw unprecedented levels of security breaches ranging from hacks to data leaks. Attacks such as spear phishing are now more sophisticated. Disguised as personalised emails, they target specific individuals or businesses to collect sensitive information.

Despite these growing threats, a recent survey by IDC found that most (91%) companies in Singapore are still in the early stages of security preparedness while only 33% of the Singapore have IT security awareness training in place for all their employees.

It’s time for businesses to adapt with the increasingly complex threat landscape, and go from passive security mechanisms to proactive processes. Start empowering your employees with enhanced security awareness for timely detection and response to potential security breaches.

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