Strategic Industries Migrating SDH/SONET Networks to IP/MPLS Networks

Two key issues are driving today’s strategic-industry customers: the need for cost reduction and increased efficiency from their business operations in light of limited funding and the need to provide more services that need high bandwidth without impacting existing services. Some customers are considering migration from a predominantly SDH/SONET network to an IP/MPLS packet network. With a range of business and network requirements, such as bandwidth, availability, traffic engineering and security, customers can migrate their networks in phases, fulfilling business justifications for moving to IP/MPLS that include CAPEX/OPEX reductions along with ease of integration and network expansion. Migration from SDH/SONET to IP/MPLS can be supported by the Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS product portfolio and end-to-end services throughout the migration life cycle.

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