The Effective Use of AI to Speed Detection and Response

According to Gartner’s Case-Based Research, the three most pervasive challenges that AI addresses are lack of detection capability, inadequate security posture, and poor operational efficiency.

In many ways, cybersecurity is becoming a big data problem, given the volume and sophistication of cybercampaigns. Fortunately, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for cyberattack detection is a rapidly expanding and maturing field. Whether it is applied to analyze code (in delivery or at installation), model behavior (on the device or throughout the network), or to thwart ransomware specifically or cybercrime in general, AI is proving its value to detect security incidents in progress all along the cyber kill chain.

However, organizations need to look beyond the buzzwords to understand the scope, usability, and complementary capabilities of AI in order to benefit from the advanced technology.

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