The Straight Truth about a Cloud First Strategy

Within this eBook, you will read about the challenges you might encounter when adding the cloud to your environment and the importance of taking a step back, to look at your data strategy and how your strategy should take a Cloud First approach.

This is a compilation of blogs created by the Commvault cloud solutions leaders in response to a recent eBook written by industry experts at Storage Switzerland. It starts out with commentary on the weight of data and how that affects your ability to achieve a flexible and agile cloud infrastructure. It moves one to discuss the need for a Cloud First strategy, how the Cloud First model is apparent within Commvault Software, and how that model can help you innovate for the future.

It highlights three ‘keys to victory’ when creating a successful Cloud First strategy: data sovereignty, controlling costs and proper data protection and sheds light on the challenge associated to complexity of choice. How did choice become a source of pain and how should you fix it? It gets granular with a blog about manual scripting and complexity challenges, followed by a discussion around agility and the need for visibility across your environment.

There is a compelling lessons learned commentary on the recent cloud outage heard round the world and how you should rethink your disaster recovery and overall data strategy. Finally, it highlights the importance of protecting applications and workloads in the cloud. At the end, you will find some additional resources available to you to learn more about how the Cloud loves Commvault, and how you can use Commvault to drive your Cloud First strategy.

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