The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem

Analyst: Chase Cunningham

January 19, 2018

Forrester has called the current state of enterprise security a “perfect circle of failure”. In 2017, this seemed reasonable with weekly headlines on the latest breach. Now, security teams are scrambling for the best possible solutions, configured and customized to their specific needs.

Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem provides guidelines for robust security that embraces people, workloads, networks, and devices. Zero Trust brings these players together for the ultimate goal: protect enterprise data.

This paper is designed to help security teams understand the methods and technologies for their Zero Trust initiatives, including:

  • Should technology drive strategy, or vice versa?
  • Platforms that serve Zero Trust
  • The necessity of APIs for Zero Trust
  • How to map features to technology to capabilities to strategy in Zero Trust

The report singled out FireMon as the only Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) solution with the capabilities of a platform in the Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem, citing in part our extensive APIs and far-reaching technology integrations. This gives enterprises a single console to command security across their Zero Trust network.

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