Thwart Ransomware With Artificial Intelligence Across the Cyber Kill Chain

Today’s ransomware is often specifically engineered to bypass traditional, prevention-oriented security controls by distributing campaigns across multiple stages, each increasingly engineered to leverage legitimate applications, communications, and other activities to blend in with normal operations.

This sophistication makes it exceptionally difficult for even seasoned security staff to detect attacks in progress amid the high volume of daily activity and event information and respond fast enough to prevent encryption of systems. Ransomware payments in 2021 topped those of the past decade.

In addition to the financial cost of ransom payouts—which, in 2021, the U.S. Treasury estimated topped those of the entire past decade – ransomware has interrupted healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and other critical business operations. Without question, the ability to detect and interrupt ransomware before it interrupts operations is essential.

Find out now how you can improve the efficiency of security operations, productivity of security teams, and overall productivity.

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