Top Four Steps to Reduce Ransomware Risk

According to Gartner, the rapid evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks and the migration of assets to the hybrid multi-cloud create a perfect storm. IT leaders must integrate security tools into a cooperative, consolidated ecosystem using a composable and scalable cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) approach.

By 2024, organizations adopting a CSMA to integrate security tools to work as a collaborative ecosystem will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%. Backing this with well-trained, skilled, and practiced employees, staff, and service providers helps organizations greatly reduce their risk of ransomware.

Despite feeling quite prepared for ransomware incidents these days, most organizations have a greater level of concern about ransomware than any other cyberthreat. The experts from FortiGuard Labs, including our threat researchers and incident responders, have outlined fundamental steps to reduce cyber risk.

With ransomware volume exploding 15x over the past 18 months, it’s no surprise that 85% of organizations view this as the top cyberthreat facing their organization.

Here are the top 4 steps to take to reduce your cyber risk.

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