White paper: Application Server TCO comparison: WebSphere vs JBoss

The JEE Application Server markets continue to expand and adapt to multiple market factors including increased demands for uptime, lower total cost of ownership, ease of administration, enhancements and innovations within the Java runtimes, and stronger competition between commercial and open source vendors. These factors are all playing their part in driving providers like IBM, Red Hat and others to push product advances to the market quickly while also balancing the other demands.

Today, there is a hybrid software market. Open source originally meant software developed and maintained by users for their own benefit. Today, however, many open source products are actually “owned” by corporations who provide support and development services. This paper focuses on the IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (WAS ND) version 8.5 and the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) version 6.

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