The technology requirements of enterprise IT departments are shifting quickly and changing in ways never seen before. The need to support remote workers and teams, for example, has taken on new urgency in the last two years. Meanwhile, the velocity and volume of cyberattacks are increasing the focus on endpoint security.

Manageability and security are critically important to enterprise IT teams. The employees who use the devices, on the other hand, are trying to work at the speed of modern business.

Image: Intel

The Intel vPro platform integrates a suite of transformative PC technologies into a single package that work together to accelerate end-user computing performance. The 11th Gen Intel Core processor delivers the business-class performance today’s users require for productivity and collaboration. Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E provide the best connectivity for applications like videoconferencing, which now dominates employee collaboration. With the connectivity of Thunderbolt 4 ports and the responsiveness of Intel Optane memory, amazing experiences are possible for IT staff and employees.

Intel vPro platform features are available on Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 Processors. They offer great flexibility, superior manageability, hardware-based security, and unparalleled performance and collaboration capabilities to meet the needs of IT and empower employees.

These capabilities extend beyond processor performance to include:


Intel SIPP (Stable IT Platform Program) is a validated, stable IT platform program that helps transition and upgrade business notebooks and desktops with assured quality and performance, without putting additional strain on IT resources. Intel SIPP aims for zero hardware changes throughout the buying cycle for at least 15 months, or until the next general release. Fewer hardware changes means IT organizations experience easier PC image deployments.

As a stable, validated platform, Intel SIPP makes it easier to manage lifecycle complexity, reduce incidents, and enable easier transitions to newer technology.


With a foundation of enhanced, built-in PC security features, Intel Hardware Shield, available exclusively on the Intel vPro platform, offers comprehensive hardware-based security features for business PCs.

It provides above- and below-the-OS protection, and the industry’s only silicon-enabled AI threat detection, to help stop ransomware and crypto mining attacks. This helps IT protect critical applications and data, and allows businesses to focus on more strategic initiatives.


All Intel vPro platform-based devices provide industry-leading remote manageability. Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) is best known for providing out-of-band management for commercial notebook and desktop. Now, with the help of Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA), IT can access, maintain, and restore devices located either on-prem, within your corporate network, or outside the firewall, in locations such as remote offices or home offices, on either wired or wireless networks without being connected to the VPN.

Intel EMA is a cloud-ready solution that can be deployed on a local server or on a public cloud such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud. Intel EMA also provides API support to remotely and securely manage Intel vPro based devices, using either a simple web interface or integration with other unified management solutions. There is no additional cost for the software or the license to use Intel EMA.

The Intel Evo Platform

Intel Evo VPro-based laptops are the premium thin and light laptop experience for highly mobile business users. They offer interactive features like position touchpads and an amazing visual experience with immersive displays to support employees’ work.

The combination of Intel Evo and Intel vPro, powered by 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, offers a new level of performance for business applications, improves responsiveness, and transforms user and IT experiences.

Integrated technologies like OpenVINO AI on PCs offer better performance. These co-engineered designs are verified to deliver improved responsiveness, best-in-class connectivity on both wired and wireless networks, instant wake up in less than one second, and a minimum nine hours of real-world battery life on notebooks to remove the dependence on battery chargers.

Intel Evo vPro-based devices save time and money while enhancing the capabilities of IT organizations with comprehensive security features, leading remote manageability, and stability tools that help keep devices up and running from anywhere without interrupting end-user productivity. Intel Evo devices are available across all major OEM brands.

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