The new age of hybrid work is bringing significant challenges for businesses and people managers. First and foremost, it is harder to ensure teams are working together efficiently in a digital environment, because they are often working from anywhere and at any time.

The number of digital tools has also exploded, causing a rise in distraction throughout the working day. Even the best employees are struggling with “context switching” as they move from tool to tool, draining their finite focus and keeping them from working at their potential.

WorkDrive from Zoho is helping to bring order to the world of hybrid work. Now used by over a million businesses globally as a home for managing data and teams, it brings work and people into one place to unify effort and maximize collaboration and focus on what matters.

One place for your people to work

Zoho WorkDrive is a cloud file management and content collaboration platform for businesses. It offers businesses a secure, shared workspace and a centralized console for organizing and managing teams, empowering businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Integrated software, integrated people

A core advantage of Zoho WorkDrive is its powerful suite of internal and external integrations.

WorkDrive is the underlying document management platform for Zoho’s entire suite of in-house cloud software business applications. This sees it integrated horizontally, vertically and contextually across Zoho, unifying search, artificial intelligence capabilities, storage and the all-important user experience.

A folder icon surrounded by Zoho Workdrive tools.

Integration does not stop where Zoho ends. WorkDrive integrates seamlessly with over 6,000 applications via Zapier and Zoho Flow, so businesses can streamline data flows across applications and reduce context switching, enabling a new level of efficiency and continuity.

Various icons representing Zoho integration capabilities.

Features that unify hybrid teams

WorkDrive delivers the core features expected from cloud file management and collaboration software. However, it is Zoho’s passion for the needs and experience of business customers, as well as its execution of innovative additions, that make it a compelling home for hybrid teams.

Team collaboration

WorkDrive brings work together in a virtual team space called Team Folders, a communal space where individual members can create, upload, edit and share files and folders. Teams can use and annotate files using Zoho’s own popular Writer, Sheet and Show office editor suite.


Zoho team collaboration.

WorkDrive Snap, WorkDrive’s own built-in asynchronous communication tool, is one of its most innovative features. It allows users to record their screen, audio and video and share it with team members at any time, enhancing their hybrid work experience and productivity.

Convenient working

Zoho WorkDrive’s AI-powered smart assistant Zia leverages artificial intelligence to make a range of work tasks easier, whether that is writing a document or collecting customer sales data. Meanwhile, WorkDrive’s smart search function accelerates productivity with keyword, optical character recognition or object detection searches.

Zoho WorkDrive's AI feature.

Zoho also enables the creation of data templates that can be applied to files by adding custom information or properties, so employees can filter and find the work they need fast. People can even request and receive content from anyone directly using the handy Collect Files feature.

Zoho WorkDrive's collect files feature.

Always-on continuity

WorkDrive enables seamless work across cloud and desktop environments. Quick-editing app WorkDrive Genie allows workers to edit cloud documents from desktop applications, while workers can explore cloud files and folders from their desktop using desktop sync app TrueSync.

And people can ensure they are connected and can collaborate on the go with WorkDrive’s Mobile Apps, while a large range of in-house and third-party integrations ensure continuity of data across applications, minimizing the need for context switching and disruption.

The Zoho WorkDrive app on mobile.

Control and security

Zoho WorkDrive’s Admin Console and Device Management capabilities provide full control and oversight over team access and structure, enabling quick user setups, control over roles and permissions and file ownership transfer, securing the business knowledge base in the cloud.

In addition Zoho WorkDrive delivers the enterprise-grade security businesses demand. It meets a full range of global information security and compliance standards, including multiple ISO/IEC standards, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 2 + HIPAA, compliance with GDPR, and many more.

Zoho WorkDrive device management features.

Growing together with WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive provides modern businesses with an attractive way to achieve unified file storage in the cloud and enable collaboration over files securely. The automation of business processes is made easy with over 6,000 integrations through Zoho Flow and Zapier.

Zoho WorkDrive’s pricing also delivers value. Offering three pricing tiers designed to scale with businesses as they grow, businesses are able to access world-class cloud file management and collaboration features and security for teams at any stage of their growth journey.

Zoho’s promise is to power “your life’s work, with our life’s work.” With WorkDrive, Zoho brings that promise to core file management and collaboration in the cloud, helping businesses unify teams in a hybrid working environment and grow their businesses for the future.