IT Dojo: How to spoof a MAC address <p>When you support small offices, home offices, and remote offices, you often run across older wireless equipment. Equipment that's likely secured with MAC filtering and perhaps a hidden SSID and WEP encryption.</p><p>Most techs would agree that MAC filtering alone isn't going to secure a wireless network and that even WEP and a hidden SSID aren't much better. But does MAC filtering at least keep out the lazy hackers? In this <a href="">IT Dojo video</a>, Bill Detwiler shows you just how easy it is to spoof a MAC address.</p><p>Once you've watched this IT Dojo video, you can find a link to the original TechRepublic article, print the tip, and get links to additional remote support and administration resources from our <a href="">IT Dojo Blog</a>.</p>

IT Dojo: How to spoof a MAC address



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