Webgrrls Out Loud On my first night in Chicago -- a business trip to attend <a title="BlogHer 2009" href="http://www.blogher.com/" target="_blank">BlogHer 2009</a> -- I had the opportunity to attend a Webgrrls networking event. I've heard quite a bit about Webgrrls from <a title="Nelly Yusupova" href="http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/tech-news/?p=1151" target="_blank">Nelly Yusupova</a>, so I was excited to see the community of geeky gals in action. <br><br> For more information about Webgrrls International, and to see if there's a Chapter near you (or to find out how to start a Chapter in your area), please visit <a title="Webgrrls International" href="http://www.webgrrls.com/" target="_blank">Webgrrls</a>.

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