Laptops may be the computer of the modern workplace, but they aren’t always the best for getting work done, especially if you need more screen real estate. But what if you need a webcam and sound included with your bigger monitor?

These five monitors all come with built-in webcams, microphones and speakers, making them perfect for working from home and collaborating remotely.

Dell P2418HZ

Image: Dell

This monitor from Dell is billed as being “ideal for collaborating.” Its webcam is certified for Skype for business and Windows Hello, and it also has a slide lock that physically covers the camera for increased security.

Lenovo ThinkVision X1

Image: Lenovo

While pricey, this 27″ Lenovo monitor looks fantastic. It has a 93% screen share ratio, is only 4.7mm thick and includes support for Thunderbolt 3. In addition, the camera is motorized and recesses itself into the top of the monitor when not in use.

Acer B7 B277

Image: Acer

The Acer B7 is built for business, and while it has all the features you need it doesn’t add extra frills: This is a basic monitor that includes the webcam and speakers you need to make it an extension of your laptop. If sustainability is one of the factors you use in deciding to buy, the B7 has one thing in its favor: It’s TCO-certified.


Image: ASUS

The cheapest on the list, the Asus BE24EQK is surprisingly feature-rich. Its integrated webcam can rotate 315 degrees as well as tilt, has blue light filtering technology, ambient noise cancellation and a hard power switch to ensure that it doesn’t eat up any energy when it’s not in use.

Philips Brilliance 499P9H

Image: Amazon

If “go big or go home” is your monitor mantra then this 49″curved screen super-wide monitor is what you’re looking for. With a pop-up webcam, KVM switch, light sensor and 5K display there isn’t a whole lot this monitor doesn’t have going for it aside from a small price tag.

If you are looking to improve your home office, then in addition to a microphone, you might want to check out these lighting options for video conferencing.