With data scientists topping the list of best jobs in America for the past four years, interest in the field has exploded, and many recent graduates and those making a career change are looking for the best job opportunities.

Diffbot examined data from its artificial intelligence (AI)-curated database of all the public knowledge on the Web to determine how many employees have job titles related to big data work, and the companies that hire most for positions related to data work.

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Across all titles—data scientist, data engineer, data architect, database administrator, machine learning, big data engineer, and AI—here are the companies with the largest data-related workforces, according to the report:

  1. IBM (2,563 data workers)
  2. Amazon (1,846 data workers)
  3. Microsoft (1,800 data workers)
  4. Facebook (1,220 data workers)
  5. Oracle (1,210 data workers)
  6. Google (904 data workers)
  7. Apple (568 data workers)

Across the board, data scientist, data engineer, and database administrator are the most common job titles. However, when you remove “database administrator” from the search, Microsoft becomes the company with the most data-related employees on staff, with 1,992 positions, the report found.

A gender imbalance remains across all data-related positions, according to the report: Across every job title, the gender split never reaches above a 3:1 male to female ratio. Database administrator has the most equitable split of the group, at 75% male and 25% female, while big data engineer is the worst, at 87% male and 13% female. Of the data scientist population studied, 77% were male, and 23% were female, the report found.

In terms of location, the US is the clear leader when it comes to employing data talent, with 152,068 employees in the field, followed by India (27,602), the UK (16,106), and France (10,297).

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Image: iStockphoto/Artem Peretiatko