AdClarity’s fast facts

Key features: End-to-end digital advertising intelligence technology, centralized dashboard, exportable reports and global reach.

Pricing: Starts at $169/month.

Best for: Small to medium companies looking for digital ad competition insight.

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AdClarity has gained a top position in the digital advertising intelligence software market. Leveraging a unique approach, the app combines human and virtual panel data to provide a more comprehensive view of the advertising ecosystem. With AdClarity, users can gain full visibility into their competitions’ digital advertising campaigns.

Tracking more than one million brands daily, AdClarity can reveal what rivals are offering and how they’re promoting their products. The app also offers metrics such as target audience, engagement and budget spending.


Companies interested in AdClarity can choose between two packages: Display Advertising Insight and Social and Video.

The Display Advertising Insight package costs $169 per month. It gives users access to data from 50,000 publishers in 35 global markets, and it allows customers to export up to five monthly reports.

The Social and Video package costs $180 per month. It gives users access to data from 10,000 video publishers and all top social platforms in 52 global markets, and it offers 15 monthly report exports.

A 7-day free trial is available, with no hidden fees. Users can cancel anytime.

Key features of AdClarity

Centralized digital ad intelligence dashboard

AdClarity’s main strength is its centralized dashboard, where users can get an in-depth view of competitors’ advertising strategies, explore digital ad campaigns, and understand ad spend results and the top publishers that competitors use. The central dashboard includes other information on competitors’ campaigns such as top ads, impressions, costs, engagement and clicks (Figure A).

Figure A

AdClarity's centralized digital ad intelligence dashboard.
AdClarity’s centralized digital ad intelligence dashboard. Image: AdClarity/Semrush

Advertiser expenditure trends

Using the Advertiser expenditure trends features, users can visualize a rival’s campaign within a customizable specific timeline. Presented as a straightforward graph, it reveals impressions, spending and published content across the timeline in detail. The feature can also be used to discover if a competitor’s campaign is successful, as it presents data on whether spending outweighs results (Figure B).

Figure B

Advertiser expenditure trends in AdClarity.
Advertiser expenditure trends in AdClarity. Image: AdClarity/Semrush

Top Ads feature

Metrics about competitors is at the core of digital ad intelligence solutions; however, not all apps and software offer users the opportunity to see the real ads their rivals are running. AdClarity does precisely that.

Under the Top Ads feature, users will see the best ads, banners and graphic designs, with information such as where it is placed (Figure C). Top Ads can be arranged by newest, impressions or duration. The feature also includes data on the amount spent on ads and views obtained. Additionally, companies can get a detailed listing of the publications where these ads are running and the top apps their rivals are using.

Figure C

AdClarity's Top Ads display.
AdClarity’s Top Ads display. Image: AdClarity/Semrush

Multicompetitor analysis and reports

AdClarity can compare several companies simultaneously through the competition reports feature; users can compare up to 10 rival domains and generate a comprehensive report.

AdClarity will automatically generate a high-impact report with highlights and visualizations, as well as charts and graphics that reveal key metrics of the chosen companies to compare. Metrics include spend, impressions and unique creative ads (Figure D). This competition reports feature gives companies a more integral view of the competitive landscape and not just what one company is doing.

Figure D

AdClarity's competition comparison report.
AdClarity’s competition comparison report. Image: AdClarity/Semrush

Ad strategy development analytics

AdClarity doesn’t provide the technology or platform to create, run or monitor your own digital advertising campaigns, though its state-of-the-art reports can create more informed strategies.

Using the analytics from the app, users can imitate rivals’ success, mpetition made. Knowing how a specific market audience responds is also extremely helpful. With AdClarity’s information, users can discover the best-performing sites and channels, identify trends and determine what budget gets the best results (Figure E).

Figure E

In AdClarity, see the top publishers and other analytics.
In AdClarity, see the top publishers and other analytics. Image: AdClarity demo video from Semrush

AdClarity’s pros

Easy to use

AdClarity requires no technical knowledge. Its ease of use and accessibility, combined with its modern simple design and features, make it a powerful tool for anyone.

Modern user interface and exportable reports

AdClarity automatically and instantly generates detailed reports with abundant information. Despite all the data the platform can manage, the user interface is designed for any user to seamlessly get the information they are looking for, and reports can be exported and shared. Reports, searches and insights can be customized, and graphs and visualizations help users better understand the digital ad intelligence landscape in which they work.

Centralized end-to-end

With AdClarity, users don’t have to waste time moving from one app to another to build their competition report – they can do all the research on one dashboard, generating and exporting accurate reports and sharing that analysis with their team and other decision-makers.


Companies that need further customizations or find any difficulty can contact their account manager to get support.

AdClarity’s cons

  • Both pricing plans only allow one user access.
  • Users cannot create an ad and track its results.

Alternatives to AdClarity

AdClarity is one of the top providers in its sector, though other solutions may be better options for larger companies that run more sophisticated analytics or for users looking for additional features. Let’s look at alternatives Similarweb, Pathmatics and Nielsen Ad Intel.


Similarweb is a powerful leading solution that is used by Google, Walmart and Adidas. Users can run competitor analysis, search for keywords and better develop their campaigns using trustworthy data.

Unlike AdClarity, Similarweb provides several software solutions, including Digital Research Intelligence, Digital Marketing Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Shopper Intelligence and Investor Intelligence. This abundance of software can be confusing for the nonexpert users as each software has unique features and is designed for specific purposes. On the other hand, other more advanced companies may benefit from the diverse offerings, leveraging the different software to generate more comprehensive intelligence efforts, impacting campaign results. The Digital Marketing Intelligence software starts at $167 per month.


Pathmatics provides digital advertising intelligence, data on ad spend, creativity and performance. It can also track the performance of your ad campaigns, benchmark them against competitors and identify new opportunities. Its features are similar to AdClarity but Pathmatics is more expensive and requires more technical knowledge.

Nielsen’s Ad Intel

Nielsen’s Ad Intel allows users to answer the same questions about the competition and their market segment as AdClarity. With similar features and an intuitive dashboard, choosing between Ad Intel and AdClarity can be tough; the main differences are that Ad Intel provides users with a more global vision with data from over 90 markets, and AdClarity offers ease of use and simplicity. Ad Intel prices are only available upon request and may be more expensive than AdClarity.

Review methodology

To write this review and evaluate AdClarity, I examined sites that compile aggregate data based on verified user reviews. I also reviewed a video from an AdClarity expert provided by the vendor and test drove the software. I scoured through the official sites of all top influencer marketing management solution providers. AdClarity’s features, customer service, user friendliness, price and more were carefully evaluated.

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