Babbel Language Learning App.
Image: Babbel

There are professional, personal and sociological benefits to learning a new language, though many people still find it challenging to make that commitment. How about engaging with a language learning system that does everything it can to immerse you into the new language?

With over 15 years as one of the world’s most trusted and respected online learning apps, the Babbel Language Learning App is that time-tested method for learning a new language the right way — without ever feeling like you aren’t smart enough to pick up learning Spanish, French, Italian or any of the other languages you can choose from with a Babbel subscription. In fact, if you put in the effort to keep up with Babbel’s convenient schedule of bite-sized coursework, Babbel is convinced you can be conversant in your language of choice in as little as three weeks.

Babbel can be bullish on your progress because they’ve seen the results from their powerful program. Crafted in consultation with more than 100 language experts and instructors, the Babbel approach works to immediately ground learners in the conversational basics of their new language organically.

Each 10-minute course hones in on one key topic, covering anything from family or the weather to shopping, travel, the workplace and more. With lessons featuring native speakers, learners get exposure to how those words, phrases and ideas are used in everyday speech, offering a building block for each new lesson. Meanwhile, Babbel’s advanced speech recognition features accurately measure your spoken-word performance to better tune future lessons and help shape any areas where you may need extra work.

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