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Making a tech solution to provide the best outcomes for companies often involves using the available integrations to increase functionality. Those interested in getting a software solution from Acronis will be happy to know that there is a full assortment of integrations to consider. This overview will make it easier to compare them.

What is Acronis?

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud specializes in endpoint management, data backup and cybersecurity solutions for businesses and individuals. Many of the company’s business-oriented needs target specific offerings, such as patch management, IT disaster recovery and protection for collaborative work environments.

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Top Acronis integrations

Choosing the appropriate integrations after setting up an Acronis solution makes using some of the top well-known products from third-party providers easier. Here are seven of the best integrations to consider.

ConnectWise Manage

A person’s experience with a company’s customer service team can shape their impressions of all future interactions. Unfortunately, there’s lots of room for improvement within many customer service departments.

A 2021 study found that 45% of respondents had frustrating interactions with representatives. Additionally, 30% of people had to contact customer service teams more often in 2021. The survey indicated that more than half of representatives considered leaving their jobs, putting extra pressure on those who stay.

However, automation can alleviate many of these issues. ConnectWise Manage is a professional services automation company that has a handy Acronis integration to assist in administrative and tech support tasks related to ConnectWise Manage subscription plans.

The integration’s ticketing and alerting features improve the tracking management of customers’ issues, making it easier for support teams to resolve them quickly and thoroughly. There’s also an automated billing management system that works whether customers opt for prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans.


When people compare integrations, they often prioritize the solutions that let them handle several needs within one tool. Matrix42 improves the workflows of cybersecurity professionals tasked with the mass deployment and management of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud on customers’ machines. The integration also enables the monitoring and configuration of all applicable cyber protection plans within one interface.

This integration supports remotely installing cybersecurity protection machines running macOS, Windows and Linux. Plus, once the customers’ machines have the necessary safeguards, this integration allows remotely verifying that antivirus and anti-malware scans, backups and vulnerability assessments occur on time.

A native Matrix42 ticketing feature streamlines support ticket management, too. People can select which alerts get escalated to tickets with one click. It’s also possible to change ticket priority settings according to urgency and categorize each one, so it ends up with the person best able to handle the matter.

RackNap Automation Platform

Automation is often the missing ingredient that lets cybersecurity teams optimize their processes, prevent errors and achieve other benefits that keep their companies competitive. This RackNap integration supports people who want to offer the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to customers as distributors. Its automated features help people provide top-notch service while pursuing the scalability needed to remain profitable.

The tool lets users automatically create subscription plans for service providers, minimizing the time required for customers to start using the product. There are also options that allow offering trial and ramp-up periods. That flexibility makes it easier to meet customers’ expectations and earn their long-term trust.

The people using this integration can allow service providers to view real-time utilization statistics and the associated costs. Providing that convenience results in the transparency that can turn new service providers into long-term, loyal customers. APIs can also automatically sync billing data by pulling it directly from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud portal; this integration feature eliminates the need for manual, and potentially error-prone, processes.

Backup Radar

Backup Radar is a feature-rich and user-friendly end-to-end automation solution that provides greater visibility across all backup platforms while minimizing data loss. This integration sets up in minutes, only requiring a person to enter their API credentials within the Backup Radar platform. After that, they can enjoy the convenience of real-time monitoring.

The integration also syncs alerts within the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Backup Radar platforms. Then, people can investigate issues and resolve them faster without switching between tools. Plus, since this integration shows all the details of backed up data in one place, it’s easier for people to track progress and boost their productivity.

Managing tickets becomes simpler with this integration, too. Users can create groups of them that make sense for their workflows and current processes, such as by categorizing them according to company names or devices. It’s also possible to update tickets as progress occurs, including automatically closing them once resolutions happen.

When it’s time to create reports for internal or customer use, this integration makes that easy, too. It allows sending automated or scheduled groups as needed.


Splashtop’s software products allow IT departments, tech support and other teams to remotely access clients’ and coworkers’ devices in order to quickly resolve problems. These remote connections can leave the devices vulnerable to cybersecurity risks, which is why Splashtop’s integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud adds value for many users.

Whether companies are looking to support a hybrid or full remote workforce within their own company, or trying to help external customers around the world, the Splashtop-Acronis integration will allow your team to provide secure remote assistance. The integration allows users to safely take full advantage of Splashtop’s slate of features, which include share technician desktop, remote reboot, file transfer and support chat.

Splashtop can be integrated with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud using the simple touch of a button, allowing your team to provide secure yet remote tech support in just minutes. From there, starting a remote desktop session on a managed device is an easy task: All the user needs to do is click on the device, then search the list of remote access tools until they find Splashtop. They will be automatically transferred to the Splashtop application once the remote session is started.

Datto RMM

Datto RMM helps users reduce the complexity of remotely monitoring and managing their customer environments by centralizing it all in one place. With the seamless Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration, users can navigate the same Datto dashboard they are familiar with while experiencing the additional benefits of Acronis’ cybersecurity.

The integration lets users assign cybersecurity protection plans to one or more clients at once, making it easy to customize the plans on an individual level and to get multiple clients set up at once. The integration also leverages Datto RMM’s existing monitoring tools to track scans, backups, patching and more. It also allows for the automation of routine security tasks, such as scheduling backups and generating data protection maps.

Autotask PSA

The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration doesn’t stop there: It’s also compatible with another Datto product, Autotask PSA, which many Datto RMM clients already use since the two services work so well together. Autotask PSA lets Datto users streamline administration work, in particular billing clients. With the Autotask PSA-Acronis integration, your team can safely enable automatic ticket creation and processing and securely speed up the payment cycle while reducing rote work.

Top Acronis features

Google Workspace

Millions of businesses around the world use Google’s products to keep workforces productive; however, there’s a widespread misconception that doing so does not require having a data backup strategy.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for Google Workspace features cloud-to-cloud data backup and recovery services to protect information stored in Google’s products, including Gmail, Drive and Calendar. A granular restore feature means it only takes seconds to recover critical data. People can also use the metadata and full-text search capabilities to find and restore pieces of information faster.

An auto-discovery feature can also detect when new people within the workforce start using Google Workspace or create Team Drives. It maintains better visibility, which is crucial for tighter cybersecurity. People can also do on-demand backups or schedule them for even more convenience with less oversight.


When the COVID-19 pandemic caused major worldwide disruptions, people at workplaces everywhere flocked to Zoom to keep collaborating despite physical distance. The software certainly has its benefits, but it comes with security risks, too.

Security researchers suggested the tool’s cloud meeting feature might share data with people not on a Zoom call. The Zoom app also provided data to Facebook, and there have been ongoing issues with so-called Zoom-bombing, where unauthorized meeting attendees wreak havoc.

Even the best Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integrations can’t prevent all the risks associated with online video meetings, but they can reduce them. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Zoom prevents issues like session ID theft and stops people from using Zoom with outdated software.

It also blocks third-party applications, code injection and redirection-related attacks. A behavioral engine component allows people to set rules that forbid people from using a compromised machine to remotely control what happens in a Zoom meeting.

Considering these top Acronis integrations and features

When looking at Acronis or any other platform, it’s understandable to research integration capabilities to see whether a product they’re considering links with others they already use. These Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud features and integrations make it easy to expand how certain platforms function to offer additional benefits from products users currently use and enjoy.

It may take a short while to learn how to make the most of these integrations after choosing some to try. Even so, better productivity is possible when using these top Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integrations and features for workflows. In addition, using this list to compare some of the options also supports better decision making.

Editor’s note: This article was updated by Kara Sherrer.

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