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Bitdefender and McAfee are endpoint detection and response systems, but which EDR software reigns supreme between the two? See how these EDR products’ features compare.

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is an antivirus protection software that focuses on security first. It strives to keep your information and sensitive data safe on the internet. Its dedication to your safety online means that it has a separate, special browser specifically for banking transactions that will keep all of your information totally secure.

When the software is running, it sends you soft reminders that will disappear and avoid interfering with your work. Bitdefender’s total security ensures that your device will always be running at its optimal level, even when conducting a full scan of your device. It is the more widely used service of the two.

What is McAfee?

McAfee, like Bitdefender, is an antivirus protection software dedicated to putting your privacy above all else. It protects your devices in real-time, and it offers an up-to-date protection score so you can see if you’re doing a good job keeping your information safe online. Its PC Optimizer feature helps ensure that your computer is running to the best of its ability, without any viruses or unused programs weighing it down. McAfee, like Bitdefender, is available on both PC and mobile. You can also try out the service for free before committing to a plan.

Bitdefender vs. McAfee: Feature comparison

Malware and ransomware protectionYesYes
Available on Windows and MacYesYes
Available on iOS and AndroidYesYes
Dedicated private browserYesNo
Webcam and microphone safetyYesNo
Identity theft monitoringNoYes

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Head-to-head comparison: Bitdefender vs. McAfee

Real-time protection

Both EDR products offer real-time protection from threats. With Bitdefender, you can choose to toggle on and off some protective capabilities, which could be helpful if a site you want to visit isn’t safe, according to the product. It boasts an advanced threat defense that has access to an extensive malware database so it can find any cyber threat quickly. Then, it will either eliminate the danger or warn you about it.

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McAfee’s software immediately puts something in quarantine when it attempts to encrypt or read data. It creates copies of your sensitive files just in case you lose them or they become compromised to ensure that you still have your information. McAfee is very proactive in treating threats.

Virus scanning

These EDR products have a scanning feature to check all of your existing files, and both also have a quick scan option, which isn’t as in-depth as a full scan, but it can finish in record time.

Bitdefender offers a full scan that encompasses changes to your system settings and password vulnerability. You can check to make sure that your settings are exactly as you want them after getting a notification of recent changes, and you should change your password if Bitdefender has determined it is weak. Bitdefender’s scan breaks the information down into different areas and elements of concern for easy viewing, and it only takes about half an hour.

McAfee’s scanning feature shows you how much has been scanned so far; this way, you never have to wonder if the scan will be completed soon. After the scan is finished, McAfee tells you just how many threats it protected you against. Unfortunately, the scan may take up to two hours, depending on the speed of your device.

VPN capability

A virtual private network gives you an extra layer of security on top of your antivirus protection software. VPNs are included with McAfee’s packages and can be included with Bitdefender total security features.

While Bitdefender does have a separate safe browser for banking purposes, it also offers a VPN service that can give you total security on top of what you already have. You have the option to add this to your plan for a year. It isn’t included in the cost of the package you choose, but if you value your privacy, it could be a worthwhile addition.

With McAfee, you earn a VPN automatically. McAfee’s VPN service comes with the package you select, but just because it’s technically free doesn’t mean that you’ll see the quality compromised. Your online activity will remain private, even to McAfee.

Choosing between Bitdefender and McAfee

If you prioritize VPN security, McAfee may be better for your business. If you want to ensure your information is totally secure, especially when handling money, Bitdefender is the clear winner.

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