BuzzGuru app’s fast facts

Key features: End-to-end influencer marketing campaign management, influencer discovery, reports and analytics and competition discovery.

Pricing: Starts at $169/month.

Best for: Small and medium-sized companies.

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As the role of social media continues to expand, influencers have become a must in marketing campaigns. Semrush’s BuzzGuru stands out in this market as a leading end-to-end influencer marketing management platform. Founded in 2017, the app continually modernizes and grows, now turning to artificial intelligence and offering a database of 27 million global influencers from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch.

With BuzzGuru, companies can discover influencers and develop, run and monitor influencer marketing campaigns under one central dashboard. The app provides analytics on influencer performance and tools to track a campaign and return on investment.


The Basic plan costs $169 per month. Users can add the Competitor Analysis for $129 per month and Campaign Management for $69 per month.

Additionally, to gain access to reports on certain Instagram influencers, tokens must be used. The Basic plan comes with 50 tokens, and upgrading to the Competitor Analysis adds 20 tokens.

Tokens can also be bought without restriction:

  • 25 tokens are $50 per month.
  • 40 tokens are $70 per month.
  • 100 tokens are $185 per month.

Key features of BuzzGuru

Influencer discovery

BuzzGuru’s influencer discovery is one of the most powerful on the market. The platform has data from more than 27 million influencers across all major social media platforms. It provides users with more than 50 smart filters to help them find the right influencers for their campaigns.

Searches can be filtered by channel topics, views, number of subscribers, publication data, influencer country, price and broadcast language (Figure A). Users can also search influencers’ posts by keywords for more topic-focused searches.

Figure A

BuzzGuru's influencer discovery tool with search filters.
BuzzGuru’s influencer discovery tool with search filters. Image: BuzzGuru demo video from Semrush

Influencer analytics

BuzzGuru offers valuable influencer analytics. Once a user runs a search using the filters, they can click on any influencer on the list to access detailed data on the influencer. For each influencer, BuzzGuru creates a profile that includes the number of subscribers, social media channels, average likes and views, integration costs and engagement rates.

BuzzGuru also gives each influencer a unique channel quality score based on metrics. Additionally, users can access the influencers’ contact information and data such as country, videos posted, sites, ratings, audience data and more (Figure B).

Figure B

Influencer profile feature.
Influencer profile feature. Image: BuzzGuru demo video from Semrush

Campaign management

The campaign management feature of BuzzGuru is an end-to-end solution to plan, manage, run, monitor and analyze influencer marketing campaigns under a centralized dashboard. Companies can create the campaign, import influencer data and track live performance with the tool.

Once a campaign plan is created, and the content is created by the influencer, teams can submit it to the draft section, where team members can add remarks, collaborate and approve the content. Once approved, the content is sent to the Approved section. The link to the social media content is easily added, and the feature will automatically initiate. With this feature, users can visualize live metrics such as the campaign budget spent, views, comments, likes, clicks, registrations and other metrics that can help them analyze ROI (Figure C).

Figure C

Campaign management dashboard.
Campaign management dashboard. Image: BuzzGuru demo video from Semrush

Reports and analytics

With BuzzGuru, companies can track real-time campaigns with automatic insights and reports; all reports are fully designed, are ready to share and have all the relevant information organized. The app presents the data and performance metrics as charts and tables for high-impact visualization (Figure D).

Figure D

Customizable live campaign reports.
Customizable live campaign reports. Image: BuzzGuru demo video from Semrush

Using these reports, companies can leverage detailed statistics on ROI, number of views, average CPM and other metrics. Using AI, BuzzGuru can gather all campaign data, whether it is ongoing or has ended, and make accurate calculations on budget spent estimates, views and other campaign tracking and engagement metrics.

Competitor analysis

Users can get key data about their competition, including approximately how much they are spending, what they are spending it on and what results they are getting.

With the Competitor Analysis features in the central dashboard, users can search for competitors and identify them from the list of companies; then, users can open their competitors’ profiles and access the influencer marketing data.

Data in this feature includes competitors’ number of influencers used, mentions, approximate budget, views, channel-by-channel info, geographies and countries targeted and influencer category, among other metrics (Figure E).

Figure E

Competitor analysis features.
Competitor analysis features. Image: BuzzGuru demo video from Semrush

BuzzGuru’s pros

Accessible and transparent pricing

Unlike other influencer management software solutions, BuzzGuru pricing is available online. The solution is known for offering excellent value and is popular among small and medium businesses.

Modern user interface

BuzzGuru’s user experience is very straightforward. Additionally, the company invests heavily in modern design that enhances users’ experiences.

Centralized campaign management end-to-end

With BuzzGuru, users do not have to switch from one discovery tool to another software or app to run their campaigns. They can search for influencers and develop, execute, monitor and analyze their campaigns all in one centralized dashboard.

Real-time data and new features

BuzzGuru uses AI to drive real-time reports and analytics, and the company is constantly innovating and adding new features, such as enabling team collaboration and enhancing competitor analysis.

Results tracking and ROI analytics

BuzzGuru integrates a wide range of metrics that not only enables companies to contact influencers who align with their campaign goals but also provides real-time and historical data to track results and measure ROI.

BuzzGuru’s cons

  • The free trial is only for seven days.
  • It’s designed for advanced influencer marketing management teams, so the learning curve for beginners would be steep.
  • The solution requires the use of paid tokens to access features such as certain influencer reports.
  • It’s not an ideal fit for large enterprises because it’s designed for small and medium-sized companies.
  • It can be expensive for enterprises looking to run massive-scale global campaigns.

Alternatives to BuzzGuru

If BuzzGuru isn’t ideal for your company, perhaps due to budget constraints or you might be looking for other features, here are three alternatives.


Upfluence is a respected influencer marketing solution that is mainly used by large enterprises — clients include Amazon, Verizon, Universal and Marriott. The technology and features of Upfluence are similar to those offered by BuzzGuru; though based on my research, it is likely more expensive.


TapInfluence can be used by marketers and creators. The company is focused on providing solutions to medium and large companies. It has advanced campaign management tools and full scheduling and publishing tools. TapInfluence’s plans are more expensive than BuzzGuru’s, and its influencer discovery features are less powerful.


Starting at $168 per month, Influencity has become a top alternative for startups and agencies with limited budgets. It offers influencer discovery, reports and analytics, sales and ROI tracking and campaign management. Despite its low-priced solutions, the platform is also used by major companies, including Air France, Samsung and Kellogg’s.

Review methodology

To write our review and evaluate BuzzGuru, I examined sites that compile aggregate data based on verified user reviews. I also watched a demo video from a BuzzGuru expert provided by the vendor and its official site and test drove the software. I carefully evaluated BuzzGuru’s features, user-friendliness, price and more. Additionally, I scoured through the official sites of all the top influencer marketing management solution providers.

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