CES 2019: How to organize your workspace with Humanscale

The M/Connect docking station is integrated into the base of the Humanscale monitor arms.

CES 2019: How to organize your workspace with Humanscale

At CES 2019, TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox spoke to Humanscale Global Managing Director of monitor arm and technology divisions Steve Bender about the functionality of the M/Connect docking station. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

What we do at Humanscale is enhance the computing experience. The IT industry does such a great job with technology. Everything is faster. Every time we turn around everything has got more capacity, more bandwidth and is smaller. But what we really do is what they don't spend as much emphasis on, is the computing experience. How to use that technology as effectively as possible.

The workstation today is really a work tool for the use of technology and what we do is make the person who uses that technology more comfortable, more healthy, and as a result more productive.

Here's a good example of that. Today, this is a very standard station. We have a docking station, a laptop, keyboard, mouse, a couple of monitors, and you can see how the space on the desk is very difficult to work with. There's a lot of cables and it doesn't really provide the appearance conducive with the best working environment possible.

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So what we did is we created a product called M/Connect. M/Connect is a docking station that's integrated into the base of our monitor arms and we'll show you that in a second. But what it is is it's a split dock. So we took that docking station with all those cables and we split it into two. The top part is a hub. The hub gives you all the accessibility you need for charging, for audio, and data.

The bottom part is the dock itself, and that's where all the permanent cables are connected and as a result, you can see what we've done. We're able to get rid of all the desktop cables completely. The same amount of equipment that you see here in the before station is exactly the same here, except in this case what it allows me to do is walk up to the desk, put my laptop down, and instantly connect in one second.

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Now I can use the monitor arm to instantly personalize what I'm doing, whether I want to be a little closer, farther away, up or down, and I'm left with a big empty to work in whatever way the task requires. That will make people more comfortable, more healthy, and obviously more productive.

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