CES 2019: The SmartDesk sit-stand workspace has a built-in PC and three touchscreens

The SmartDesk from Cemtrex was a big draw at CES 2019. It features integrated features including Bluetooth earbuds and a wireless charging pad.

CES 2019: The SmartDesk sit-stand workspace has a built-in PC and three touchscreens

At CES 2019, TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox spoke to Cemtrex President and CEO Saagar Govil about the integrated features of Cemtrex's SmartDesk, which include Bluetooth earbuds and a wireless charging pad. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

The Cemtrex SmartDesk is the world's most advanced workstation. It comes with everything you see here, powered by a top-of-the-line Windows 10 PC. You get three touchscreen monitors, which gives you 72 inches of digital real estate. Most desktop solutions you buy today do not have multi-display touch solutions, so really, this is one of the world's first products that has that.

In order to manage such a large amount of digital real estate, we've provided new touch and touchless gestures that allow you to control your PC in a way that's never been done before. So we've built proprietary touch gestures and touchless gestures that really make managing your PC really simple. So with just a few taps, you can manage your content across all of these different screens.

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On top of that, we've built touchless gestures that allow you to control the PC without even touching the computer. So you can zoom in just like that. You can scroll through documents. You can turn the page in PDFs. And so that really makes it easier to control the PC as we take you from the next generation of the keyboard and mouse and into the future with touchless gestures.

We've also built in a document scanner into this product, so you can put a piece of paper down on the tabletop and scan the document in just two taps. It's really that simple. So as you see here, I've got a document down, and the scanner is set up, and you just with one tap, the document is scanned, and that's it. It's really that simple.

It's also a sit-stand desk, so you can raise it to whatever height is the most comfortable for you, whether you want to sit or stand. We've also built in a wireless charger right here into the tabletop, so you can drop your phone down, and it'll start charging. And on top of that, the other thing that we really wanted to change about the office space is to remove those old desk phones. We live in 2019, and so there's no need for all of this old, outdated technology.

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We also wanted to change another aspect of your personal workspace, and that's that old desk phone that's there. So we've integrated Bluetooth headphones into this product, and so it allows you to make phone calls simply by putting them in and giving you a hands-free experience. We've also built in a face-cam here with speakers and a mic that allow you to video conference and communicate with whoever it is, whether it's through the telephone or through video conferencing.

Everything you see here is a sleek, modern design, and it's all done through this top-of-the-line Windows PC. Now, it's a really unique, sleek product, but the one thing you'll notice here that's really different from most offices is the one wire. So most offices, when you have a desk and three monitors, a computer, wireless charger, scanner, that's 15, 20, 25 wires. This is all done with an integrated solution and just one wire for power, and that's what really separates this product from anything else out on the market today.

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