CES 2020: Products aim to make life neater for remote workers

ALOGIC unveiled a 3-in-1 product that includes a USB-C dock, a power bank, and a wireless charger.

CES 2020: Products aim to make life neater for remote workers

TechRepublic's Karen Roby talked to Pratik Kumar of ALOGIC at CES 2020 about its new product, the Dock Wave, which is a 3-in-1 device to help remote workers or anyone on the go. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. 
Pratik Kumar: People who are working on the go now, whether they're traveling or working, as you said, from home. They're far away from their offices. It's a great arrangement: It's very flexible, it gives you a lot of independence, but at the same time, you're sort of carrying your office with you.

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And that's why we built up something we call a Dock Wave. A device like this gives you a true flexibility to use your laptop, which is sort of your main computer now. You do everything with it. It makes it really versatile while you're on the go, at your home. Just to give an example, if you're working from your home, right? You want to connect to your TV or monitor you have, it has got a whole array of cords, including an HDMI cord, a couple of cloud readers, spare USB ports. You can charge your laptop at the same time. So it gives you a setup to create a small work office.

While you're on the go, you're traveling. Take this out, carry it with you. It's a power bank, so it charges your phone. What we've done on top of it, it charges your phone wirelessly. So the idea is to remove the cord. You don't want to be carrying a lot of cables and chargers and adapters with you. The whole idea of USB-C, you just carry one charger and one cable. It kind of brings it to life. You carry one charger, one USB-C cable, it does everything else for you.

Karen Roby: And that's one of the biggest problems, you just said it, we have so much stuff with us when we work on the go, and that's what so many of us are doing now. You're just finding a way to tidy it up all into one device.

Pratik Kumar: Exactly. The whole idea is to sort of make it easy. When you're traveling for work, when you're working from home, or anywhere you're sort of mobile workers, right? You want to be focused on your work rather than carrying all these bits and pieces and accessories with you. So the idea is, okay, you know that you just chuck your one device in your bag, and you're done. You don't have to worry about anything else. Just to give an example, modern technology is kind of meant to make your life simple, not more complicated. And that's what we have done, we have tried to bring in different technologies and sort of bring them together. That's why we call it the world's first three-in-one device. We have combined the USB-C hub or dock with a power bank and a wireless charger. It's just really convenient for your traveling--you just take one thing and you're done.

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