Between preparing food for Thanksgiving feasts and gearing up for holiday shopping, you may have missed some great content on TechRepublic in November.

Find out which Gartner predictions hit a nerve with members, why governments are lagging in systems adoption, and even grab a quick tool for getting that next business plan off the drawing board.

November’s top ten

  1. ”Ten tech predictions to shake your world”
    Here’s the article that got TechRepublic members talking! Gartner analysts are forecasting big changes in the tech sector over the next eight years. Tech Update’s Dan Farber gives you the lowdown on each prediction. See No. 5 on our list to learn what our members had to say about Gartner’s predictions.
  2. ”Creating business plans gets easier with the right tool”
    If a robust commercial business planning program is a bit more than you need, consider this free software tool that can help you get a handle on your company’s financial future.
  3. ”Complications killed health system’s VPN access effort”
    In a valiant effort to improve care and ease on-call issues, a health care organization created a VPN system to connect medical professionals to patient data. But complications resulted in the untimely death of the system, despite heroic efforts by the tech team.
  4. ”MBA degree retains popularity among IT pros”
    If you don’t have an MBA listed on your resume, maybe it’s time you did. It may not result in an immediate move up the IT ladder, but with competition becoming more and more cutthroat, members report it can’t hurt.
  5. ”Members raise eyebrows at Gartner predictions”
    Our members found some of Gartner’s forecasted conditions for the future of IT quite ludicrous. Find out what they had to say about predictions like firms laying off millions due to advances in system automation.
  6. ”Next IM adoption wave arriving soon”
    Instant messaging is growing roots in the enterprise, and some big technology players are working to cultivate it across corporate organizations. Find out what Tim Landgrave has to say about how corporations will soon be embracing IM.
  7. ”Five risks to consider when calculating ROI for Web services”
    For many, talk of Web services is just that: talk. But for those ready to implement Web services initiatives, five factors must be considered when projecting its ROI. Find out what expert Gunjan Samtani has to say about Web services risk factors as they relate to ROI.
  8. ”Why governments lag in systems adoption”
    In the race for IT adoption, the government sector is the tortoise and the private sector the hare. The culprit is simple bureaucracy. Get Gartner’s view on why the government sector lags so far behind.
  9. ”How HBO reeled in expense costs”
    Nobody could have written a more complicated script for the implementation of HBO’s expense automation technology. Get the story, complete with the twists and turns, and find out what benefits the entity has realized as a result of the project implementation.
  10. ”Web services: Four issues to consider”
    If you’re behind on your reading about the Web services market, take a look at four of Tim Landgrave’s columns about Web services planning.