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Data quality software is designed to identify incorrect, incomplete or poorly formatted data and then correct that data based on predetermined guidelines. A variety of data quality solutions are available in today’s market, working to support the data quality management goals of companies with various data use cases, industrial backgrounds and budgets.

In this market, Cloudingo is a top data quality solution that focuses specifically on Salesforce data quality management. Learn more in this comprehensive review of Cloudingo.

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What is Cloudingo?

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Cloudingo is a data quality and data management solution that is specifically designed for the Salesforce platform. One of the biggest challenges that users face with Salesforce data is duplicate records. Cloudingo is specifically designed to address this challenge.

Natively built on Salesforce, Cloudingo is a cloud-based data quality and deduplication platform for businesses of all sizes. The platform helps to profile data and identify and get rid of duplicates. Cloudingo also empowers users to clean lists by matching import records with existing Salesforce records.

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Key features of Cloudingo

Cloudingo delivers many features that simplify data cleaning and management for Salesforce data. These features include the following:

Dedupe and clean

With Cloudingo, users can take advantage of drag-and-drop features to find duplicates. Through flexible matching criteria, it is possible to tailor cleansing jobs for users’ complex and unique datasets.

The solution also enables its customers to automate the data cleansing process to their desired extent. Regardless of how little or how much they choose to automate, users remain in full control over the final result. Even though Cloudingo has a simple user interface, its data cleaning features are powerful and extensive.

The solution enables users to view the state of their data at a glance through a dashboard. It depicts a clear picture of what is happening to data, which makes it easier to achieve users’ end goals. With the Cloudingo dashboard, users can track how many duplicates exist in their organizations, the last time jobs were executed and more indicators of the state of their data.

Manage and maintain

Cloudingo helps increase user confidence in data by helping them maintain updated records and only use the data they need. They can mass-update records, fill in missing information, shift records and alter lead scores.

Users can also delete records in bulk. Leads without email and activity are examples of junk records to be discarded. Furthermore, with just a handful of clicks, it is possible to convert leads to contacts or accounts.

Customers who use this feature can check tedious data management tasks off their to-do lists, using manage and maintain functionality for complex exports or lookups. Transform options such as letter and number formatting, spacing options, and more make it easy to yield a cohesive and standardized dataset.

Import and update

Cloudingo makes sure users can painlessly update clean records rather than duplicate data. They can import new records as well as update those that already exist in Salesforce in a single job. The solution’s powerful deduplication engine ensures that only clean and unique data is introduced to users’ organizations.

The Rapid Import feature on Cloudingo Enterprise takes into account the time-sensitive and time-consuming nature of bringing in new data through imports and makes the process much simpler, more consistent and more reliable.

Sync and integrate

A key feature of Cloudingo is its ability to connect and communicate with systems such as ERPs, accounting platforms and marketing automation platforms via Salesforce.

With Cloudingo API integration, the power to sync and identify master and dedupe records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations, and other cloud or on-premises applications is given to the user. The tool goes beyond just extracting, transforming and loading data by also offering capabilities to consolidate, validate and maintain data.

Find and export

It takes just a few pieces of data to enable Cloudingo to dig through Salesforce and generate results related to account details, record IDs and other user queries. Additionally, intelligence from Salesforce helps to fill gaps in spreadsheets.

Cloudingo pricing

Cloudingo offers three licenses: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The Standard plan offers data cleansing essentials, such as cleaning records, transforming and standardizing data, merging duplicates, and importing without duplicates. It costs $2,500 per year.

The Professional plan offers all features in the Standard plan plus advanced reporting, the ability to work with custom objects, faster data cleansing and more. Its license costs $6,000 per year.

With an annual cost of $10,000, the Enterprise plan offers additions to the Professional plan, such as the ability to plug Cloudingo into external systems like ERPs to keep all data synced. Cloudingo also offers a 10-day free trial and a demo upon request.

Cloudingo alternatives


DemandTools logo.
Image: DemandTools

DemandTools is a data quality platform that securely delivers reliable data and insights to stakeholders. It also provides cleaner data with less effort by rectifying common data problems and automating data quality routines. Its modules include data quality assessment, duplicate management, data migration management, email verification and standardization, mass modification and business insights.

Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Informatica logo.
Image: Informatica

Informatica Cloud Data Quality provides various stakeholders with trustworthy data by providing self-service data quality management options to users. With Informatica Cloud Data Quality, organizations can speedily identify, solve and monitor data quality issues in on-premises and cloud business applications.

Melissa Data Quality Suite

Melissa logo.
Image: Melissa

Melissa Data Quality Suite has been providing data quality management support to companies globally for over 30 years. The solution has extensive capabilities that clean, correct and verify data at the point of entry. Melissa’s capabilities include address, name, email and phone number verification. The software suite also offers merge, purge and deduplication features.


Openrise logo.
Image: Openrise

Openprise delivers a no-code platform that empowers users to simplify their RevTech stack, react faster to changes in the market and scale their operations to hit revenue targets. The software helps users to clean data as soon as it enters their systems through data quality automation processes such as normalization and deduplication.

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