A developer using ChatGPT.
Image: StackCommerce

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has set the professional and academic worlds on fire over the past year. The artificial intelligence utility makes it easier to scale content and marketing production, perform more detailed research and even craft internal and external communications in a matter of minutes. However, like any tool, there are best practices for getting the best results from ChatGPT. You’ll learn these best practices and more in The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle.

You don’t have to be an AI or machine learning expert to use ChatGPT, which is exactly why it’s so popular. In this four-course training bundle, you’ll get an introduction to ChatGPT and even learn how to build your own chatbot.

Starting out, you’ll get a brief intro to ChatGPT from expert Mike Wheeler (4.5/5-star instructor rating). You’ll learn how to use ChatGPT and write effective prompts to elicit the best information, ideas, marketing copy,  research and more. Then, you’ll develop a more business-centric understanding of ChatGPT in a course led by Alex Genadinik (4.4/5-star instructor rating). You’ll be able to create hundreds of blog posts, write sales copy, ideate content for your blog and even start and scale an entire copywriting business leaning on ChatGPT.

In the final two courses, John Elder (4.4/5-star instructor rating) will teach you how to create your own chatbots from scratch using Python, Tkinter, Django and other tools to amplify your business’s use of AI and scale operations at the same time.

Use this training course kit to become an expert user of ChatGPT. For a limited time, you can get The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle for just $29.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.