Many print settings, such as orientation, margins, headers, and so on, are specific to a sheet. For instance, you can print Sheet1 in landscape with one-inch margins and Sheet2 in portrait with three-inch margins without resetting options from sheet to sheet.
When you add a new sheet to the works, Excel assigns the default page setup settings. If all of your sheets require the same settings, you can simply adjust the defaults. However, it’s common to have sheets with different page setup settings in the same workbook. You could manually set all those options. But you may save time by  transferring the settings from one sheet to the another, as follows:

  1. Select the existing sheet, the source sheet, that contains the settings you want to transfer.
  2. Select the target sheet(s) — the sheets you want to update —  by pressing [Ctrl] and clicking each sheet tab.
  3. Select Page Setup from the File menu and click OK.

That’s it. Wasn’t that easier than resetting all those settings yourself? The target sheet(s) now have the same print settings as the source sheet.
Two warnings:

  • Make sure you select the sheets in the right order — source, then target(s). If you activate a target sheet first, you’ll overwrite the settings you meant to copy.
  • Be sure to ungroup your sheets when you’re done. While grouped, Excel will execute any action you take on all the sheets in the group.