Employees standing with security checklists and symbols of shields and locks behind them.
Image: Julien Eichinger/Adobe Stock

Cyberattacks are more numerous and destructive than ever, and they aren’t going away any time soon, so every business needs to stay on top of its security measures, including security for mobile devices. If you want to keep your team trained, rather than rely on third parties, or if you’d like to become a freelance consultant, you can learn how to create and maintain a multilayered cyberdefense with a lifetime subscription to the CyberTraining 365 Online Academy.

This subscription provides lifetime access to over 650 hours of more than 3,000 lectures about cyberattacks and the defense techniques you’ll need to combat them. And the modules contain all of the latest technologies, plus the most recent industry standards. They are aligned with the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework that was developed by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

You’ll learn from some of the world’s most advanced ethical hacking materials, with access to certified hacker tools you can find in other ethical hacking academies. You can develop techniques in cybersecurity with lectures on threat intelligence research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, analyzing malware, advanced persistent threats and so much more.

All of these courses deal with practical knowledge and skills that will become immediately useful. They use examples of threats and vulnerabilities from real-world situations.

The platform is an EC-Council Accredited Training Center and has received several awards, including Best Cybersecurity Education Provider and Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner. The skills and certifications it provides are recognized globally, so you can have confidence in the quality of training you’ll receive.

CyberTraining 365 Online Academy offers the most in-demand cybersecurity training and certifications. Subscribers have access to an ever-growing library of engaging, high-quality videos with courses taught by some of the most recognized experts in the industry.

It’s time to develop the high-level cybersecurity skills that will be necessary well into the future, get a CyberTraining 365 Online Academy: Lifetime Subscription now while it’s on sale for just $79.99.

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