Not all Microsoft Access forms are made for data entry. Some
forms are made for data search and analysis, which can contain features such as
option groups, check boxes, and combo boxes.

Forms made for quick data entry of large volumes of records
should be built without such controls. Rather, they should consist of a simple
top-to-bottom layout, with all of the controls lined up in a single column.

To create a simple data entry form, follow these steps:

  1. In the
    Database Window, select the table for data entry.
  2. Click
    the New Object tool in the Database toolbar.
  3. Select
    Form, select Design View, and click OK.
  4. Double-click
    the Field list button in the Database toolbar.
  5. Press
    [Ctrl] and select the fields to be added to the form.
  6. Click
    and drag the selected fields to the form.

Be sure to set the form’s Cycle property to All Records so
that tabbing out of the last field takes the user immediately to a new record.

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