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Download our service level agreement template for IS departments and business units

If you're running an IS department, it's likely that several other groups—human resources, finance, marketing—use your services. How can you help define responsibilities on both ends? This sample SLA template will help.

If you’re the IS director or the CIO for your organization, you’re probably providing services for other departments—or maybe supporting a business unit, like finance or payroll. How can you be sure what your obligations are? When will you schedule downtime? Are you responsible for maintaining the business unit’s hardware and software?

To help you define your role and responsibilities with other departments, we’re providing a sample service level agreement template designed for IS departments and the business units they support. This template was sent to TechRepublic by Pete Celestina, a senior IS manager at Metris Companies, a Minnetonka, MN-based direct marketer.

In addition to outlining the services an IS department can provide, the template also provides charts for recording:
  • Availability schedules
  • Batch turnarounds
  • Critical reports
  • Critical file transfers
  • Emergency contacts
Like many of our downloads, some of the best material on TechRepublic comes from our members. Do you have any templates that would benefit your peers? What other templates would you like to see on our site? Send us an e-mail or start a discussion.

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