Gov. Kathleen Blanco has stated that “everyone needs to

leave New Orleans

due to flooding from Hurricane Katrina.” 

What an overwhelming statement that is. 

Even with all the coverage that we have had regarding the hurricane, it

is still hard to grasp the enormity of this disaster.

During times such as these, we often talk about business

continuity and disaster recovery planning. 

However few if any local governments are fully prepared for catastrophe

of this magnitude.  While I am certain

that some of the City of New Orleans

plans are still viable and are being put into action (particularly regarding

emergency services) many of their plans for continuity and recovery have been

negated due to the sheer size of the event. 

There is no doubt that in many areas the government as well as individual

citizens will be starting over.

It is times like these where State and Federal resources as

well as non-profits come into play to help the citizens and the local government

get back on its feet.  We are fortunate

to live in a nation whose government and citizens are quick to respond and are

technically and financially able to help out.

On that note, rather than talk about the myriad of IT issues

that are brought about due to disaster, (there will be plenty of time for that)

I will just end with a couple of web links of significance:

The American Red Cross

Disaster Center – Comprehensive list of relief organizations.