Flying in style: You could be watching a 65-inch OLED TV on your next flight thanks to LG Display

At CES 2020, LG Display showed TechRepublic several use cases for its latest OLED displays in the retail, automotive, and airline industries.

Flying in style: You could be watching a 65-inch OLED TV on your next flight thanks to LG Display

TechRepublic's Editor in Chief Bill Detwiler sampled some of the offerings at LG Display's booth at CES 2020. In this video, he shows us some of the exciting new technology the company has to offer. The following is an edited transcript of the video.

Bill Detwiler: Here at CES 2020, one of my favorite booths to visit is LG Display. Now, they're not the LG that makes dishwashers and consumer appliances--they make the screens that go into a lot of the consumer appliances, whether they're LG or not, that you use every day. And I'm sitting in something really unique.

Imagine on your next flight having a 65-inch bendable OLED display in front of you. This is really cool. I can't imagine having this on a flight--it really makes the experience much more relaxing right here. Also, to my left is a 55-inch translucent OLED display that can allow me to interact with the flight crew, and see what's going on around me. But if I want, we can dim this and have it turn opaque when I need privacy. Along with that, here's a 55-inch video wall made up of these bendable OLED panels.

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One of the benefits of using OLED panels like this on the sides of an airplane is that it's lighter than putting in windows. Windows on the airplanes are pretty thick, and so that contributes to fuel costs by increasing the weight of the plane. By replacing the windows with these video walls that could show pictures of the outside, that can show the night sky, not only do people flying in the plane have a wonderful experience, but the airlines themselves would save money. This is just a mock-up that LG Display has put together to show what's possible within the airline industry--I just hope it comes to the next flight that I take as soon as possible.

Another one of the really cool demos that they have here at LG Display is with those transparent OLEDs that we saw in the airline display in a retail environment here. This one is showing a retail shop where you might buy a shirt. You can see if I touch this, it allows me to select multiple features that I would like on my shirt. Whether I want a narrow tie, a regular tie, whether I want round cuffs, square cuffs--I don't see French cuffs, but that's okay… oh, it's under cufflinks, so there we go. I don't wear cufflinks that often so it wouldn't be an issue for me.

We can see four-hole buttons, two-hole buttons. We can even add some customization here for sewing your name on the shirt. We can go back to the beginning right there by hitting reset and then start again, customizing the shirts. It's a really cool proof-of-concept for how these transparent displays can be used in a retail setting, in museums, or in a variety of business locations.

And finally, I had a chance to take a seat in a car mock-up designed to show some of LG Display's plastic OLED displays designed for the automobile market, including a 14-inch cluster display, a 12-inch center information display, a 12-inch co-driver display, and a 12.8-inch control pad display. Also on display was a 12.8-inch rollable OLED mounted behind the driver's seat for entertainment, but it can also be mounted anywhere in the car.

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