CES 2018

Ford introduces a new Transportation Mobility Cloud for smart cities

Marcy Klevorn, president of mobility at Ford, explains how the company and other developers can use the TMC as a platform to build new apps and services.

At CES 2018, Ford announced the launch of its Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). Marcy Klevorn, president of mobility at Ford, explained how this new platform will be used to help the company and other developers build apps and services.

TMC provides foundational elements so that each time a new app is built, developers won't need to rebuild foundational components such as a pay element, security, or identity, Klevorn explained.

"It lets everybody else focus on the value-add apps on top," she said.

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TMC is similar to an app store, allowing Ford, along with other developers, to focus on the top layer of apps in order to add value and functionality to customers.

Ford plans to invite developers to join the platform, and use TMC's developer tool kit. It takes a village to solve big problems in big cities, she said, and it's exciting to invite everyone to join and learn together, and create value together.

"By providing these elements in our cloud, the other app developers don't have to worry about rewriting them. They can just worry about writing their apps that add value, and hopefully have a lot of fun," she added.

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