Graphic design business training course bundle
Image: REDPIXEL/Adobe Stock

When it comes to digital products, it’s not always about how the product itself works — sometimes, you need a great design to differentiate from competitors. Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to acquire new design skills or a business leader wanting to improve product aesthetics, check out The Designers Productivity Bootcamp Bundle. Through these 10 courses, you’ll learn quality graphic design methods and get up to speed with some of today’s most important graphic design programs for your business.

One of the training bundle’s primary focuses is Canva, the free design program that anybody can use to create compelling imagery. You’ll learn how to use Canva to build infographics, design business cards and create entire digital marketing plans. There are also courses on Procreate for digital drawing, Figma for UX/UI design and email marketing design with ConvertKit. This is a complete toolkit to equip you with the graphic design skills every business leader should know today.

The Designers Productivity Bootcamp Bundle is on sale for just $24.99 (normally $2,000).

Prices are subject to change.