Here's why Zurich is Europe's "Crypto-valley"

Cryptocurrency founder says the "crypto winter" is finally over, and the Swiss have a deep knowledge of security.

Here's why Zurich is Europe's "Crypto-valley"

Dan Patterson, senior producer for CNET and CBS News, spoke with Carmen Benitez, co-founder and CEO of Fetch Blockchain in Zurich, Switzerland, during the Davos World Economic Forum, about the future of cryptocurrency and why Zurich is the European hub. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Dan Patterson: Why is 2020 the year of the blockchain and the stablecoin here in Zurich, Switzerland?
Carmen Benitez: When it comes to the crypto winter, spring has definitely arrived. And this year, the Year of the Rat, will be a fantastic year from East meets West, from all new types of emerging technology through blockchain. You'll see killer apps like stablecoins. You'll hear about continuous token offerings, and you'll maximize and get the most out of what Switzerland is greatly known for, which is stability, security, and assets. Those fundamentals are really going to be dominant players when it comes to the next wave of blockchain and crypto, decentralized finance.

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Dan Patterson: If I know nothing about Zurich, what is the one thing I should know and care about with the Zurich cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and technology?

Carmen Benitez: I think one of the best things is that you have a deep level of knowledge exchange that comes out of Zurich that you don't see elsewhere. This Swiss are extremely pragmatic, and really resourceful when it comes to understanding assets. I cannot think of a better place, and a better group of people that understand assets, treasury, management, fintech [financial technology] than the Swiss. They have a deep-rooted knowledge in it, and you can learn really great insights and exchange a tremendous amount of knowledge for both emerging and developed markets.

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Carmen Benitez, co-founder and CEO of Fetch Blockchain, talked with reporter Dan Patterson in Davos, Switzerland.

Image: Dan Patterson