How an Indiana IoT lab is digitally transforming manufacturing and agriculture

At the Indiana IoT Lab, founder John Wechsler discussed how companies can break into the Internet of Things space.

How an Indiana IoT lab is digitally transforming manufacturing and agriculture

John Wechsler is the founder of the Indiana IoT lab. He sat down with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome during LiveWorx 2018 to discuss how companies can begin work in the Internet of Things space. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

John Wechsler: The Indiana IoT Lab is a place for entrepreneurs and innovators working on IoT-related products and services. Think of it as like an upgraded co-working location but geared for the IoT segment.

Well, one of the things when you look at the Indiana economy that makes the IoT lab so important is that we are a leading state for manufacturing, distribution, and agriculture. Those three industries are going to be radically transformed over the coming couple of decades and we think that a big part of that will be the introduction of IoT-related technologies. We think by establishing a center of excellence around the IoT, we're going to give those manufacturing, distribution and agriculture enterprises a leg up and a better chance to lead in the next generation of their industry.

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One of the things that I think attracts most people to this is the idea that these major industries in Indiana are going to be pretty radically transformed and when you look at the future of these industries it's in some way going to involve computing, internet connectivity and IoT-related technologies, so this is a really great opportunity for those companies to kind of get a jump in their industry.

Well, I think it's never been more approachable, right, to get into the IoT space. When you look at things like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the ability for even teenagers, high schoolers to get one of these development kits and begin to experiment, the same holds true for companies. Right? I mean, you can very easily begin to innovate and explore how internet connectedness and IoT-related technologies can modify your product for that next generation of use.

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