How IoT is powering business digital transformation

As IoT continues to change how business is done, Dan Patterson and Z-Wave Alliance's Mitchell Klein explain how to optimize your company's usage of IoT and smart devices.

Mitchell Klein, executive director, Z-Wave Alliance, spoke to TechRepublic's Dan Patterson about positioning smart devices for the enterprise or business, and Klein admits "It's tough to come up with a really short answer." The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Dan Patterson: Companies of all size experience or are undergoing digital transformation, whether they're SMBs, startups, enterprise companies. We see the emergence of smart-home and smart-office tools as one of the things that's really powering digital transformation. How would you recommend companies engage with IoT and smart devices, and do you have any advice for positioning smart devices for the enterprise or for business?

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Mitchell Klein: Wow. That's an enormous question. It's tough to come up with a really short answer. But really, it's all about looking at use cases, and we think that's the key. What is it we want to achieve? We work with companies in the hospitality industry, for example. In terms of occupancy, making sure that, can I harp on temperature? Because you don't want to be running heat when you don't need it, if the room's unoccupied, or you certainly don't want to be running cooling, which could be very costly if the room's not being utilized.

So, what is the actual use case? And then, taking a look at different platforms that are going to provide the property managers, the office managers, access to this information to be able to set things properly. It's a pretty large context and my suggestion is, you need to really bring in a professional to help you go through those processes, in terms of what you want to do in a user-case, and how you want to implement them, what are the right products that's blowing.

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