How Legrand networking technology keeps people connected at Cisco Live 2018

Legrand's director of strategy, Rebecca Gilstrap, explained how edge deployments and networking technology are used to support operations on the show floor and showcase smart building solutions.

How Legrand networking technology keeps people connected at Cisco Live 2018

Legrand's Director of Strategy, Rebecca Gilstrap, sat down with TechRepublic to discuss Legrand's new smart building solutions at Cisco Live 2018. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Rebecca Gilstrap: We are very happy and lucky to have the partnership that we do with Cisco. We have a partnership with them in many different ways: supporting them as a customer, supporting them here at Cisco Live and then also being a part of multiple ecosystems that they have. Here at the show we actually have our simplified edge deployments out on the trade show floor, so these are vertical wall mount cabinets that are supporting 3850's and also including PDUs and connectivity and so their whole solutions, whole Legrand solutions that are able to support edge deployments. We're really proud of that partnership that we have with Cisco Live and being able to showcase those on the trade show floor and around the trade show as a whole so people can see them in our booth, they can see our intelligent designs, they can see all of the censors and intelligence and access control that we have from the door handles to the intelligent PDUs from Raritan and taking all of that intelligence and technology and synthesizing it into a single edge solution.

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Cisco's very happy with that deployment that we had done and they're showcasing it on the trade show floor, so we're very, very happy with that. Another thing that we're doing on the trade show floor in conjunction with Cisco Live is having our containment and fiber and copper connectivity supporting the Cisco Live Network Operations Center. Again, from the data center and from the core all the way out to the edge, we're supporting Cisco Live and it's something that again, we appreciate people going and taking a look at what we're doing and seeing pictures of those containment thermal management solutions.

Another partnership that we have with Cisco is through Cisco's digital building ecosystem. Legrand is a proud partner participating in that ecosystem, which is supporting smart building infrastructure with Legrand's mission to transform spaces through power, light and data. It's our pleasure to work with Cisco and our infrastructure solution. So, POE infrastructure, performance over category cable and connectivity solutions, enclosures and again, full solutions for the infrastructure of the building.

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