How Relativity's automation defends Microsoft's Azure cloud

Relativity's CSO Amanda Fennell explains how the company's automation platform secures cloud networks at large scale.

How Relativity's automation defends Microsoft's Azure cloud

TechRepublic met with Relativity's CSO Amanda Fennell to discuss how the company manages threats at such a large scale.

Fennell: So this is the great jump off. You know threats coming at you is very much like a funnel and you have to try to get to a point where the white noise starts to be taken out, and then you contextualize that information. So, so much stuff is coming at us, and they're able to filter out so much with what they do in their automation, then we have our automation that kicks in as well, so we're monitoring all of those things for performance, but also for anything that could be potentially malicious, insider threat, the events that he's talking about.

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So we are able to pull all of that down the funnel to get to a point where it has like this awesome risk based approach, that by the time a human in our team looks at it, in our security team or any of our specialist teams, it's a real threat. It's not something that's possibly false positive, or that was just scanning activity that was our own internal scanning that we were doing that was unscheduled or something like that.

We're able to have our humans, so I would be different, I have humans at the end of the day looking at stuff. You guys are automating the heck out of it. I love automation, but to a point I'm always going to want to have someone on my team having their eyes on it, I just want them to have their eyes on something that's fun and that's exciting, and that's really cool to work around, as opposed to scanning activity or something like that.

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