How to add third-party cloud services to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a lot of collaboration features, including the ability for users to connect their own cloud storage services. Here's how to do just that.

How to add third-party cloud services to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a competitor to video conferencing apps like Zoom, but it's actually capable of a lot more than just video conferencing. Teams is a full-fledged collaboration suite like Slack, and that includes the ability to connect cloud storage services for easier file sharing.

Microsoft Teams includes a connection to OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage service, by default, but there are a lot of other storage services available that are used by businesses and individual professionals.

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Luckily, Microsoft Teams allows users to connect to Dropbox, Box, Citrix Sharefile, and Google Drive in just a few steps. If you're using one of those storage services, connecting your account makes file sharing in Microsoft Teams much easier. 

How to connect third-party cloud storage to Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams open, look for the Files tab on the left side. When you click on it you should see a screen showing files that teammates are working on, a downloads window, and all of your connected cloud services (Figure A).

Figure A


The default look of the Microsoft Teams Files tab.

At the bottom of Figure A, note the Add Cloud Storage button. Clicking on that will open the window shown in Figure B, where you can choose from one of the four cloud services available to add to Teams. Click on the one you want to add and follow the steps to connect it. 


The cloud storage services you can choose from in Microsoft Teams.

In this example I'm connecting my business Google Drive account. When you click on the name of the storage service you want to add you'll see a login window for that service (Figure C). Follow the prompts on screen to connect. 

Figure C


Signing in to Google Drive in Microsoft Teams.

Connecting a cloud storage service requires granting quite a few permissions to Microsoft Teams, as shown in Figure D. These aren't really optional--if you don't want to grant permissions you won't be able to add the service. 

Figure D


Once you're connected you'll see a full view of your cloud drive inside of Microsoft Teams (Figure E). From here you can do pretty much everything you'd normally do in a desktop or browser-based folder: Delete files and folders, move items, open and edit items—the only thing you can't do is create new files or folders.

Figure E


How Google Drive looks when connected to Microsoft Teams.

If you want to remove a cloud storage service for any reason, just hover over its name, click on the three dots that appear, and select Sign Out (Figure F). 

Figure F


Removing cloud storage from Microsoft Teams.

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