How to configure LibreOffice to automatically save in MS Office format

If you collaborate with others on documents and need to configure LibreOffice to automatically save in the MS Office format, Jack Wallen has you covered.

How to configure LibreOffice to automatically save in MS Office

LibreOffice is my office suite of choice. And, for the most part, I work with the Open Document Format. Why? Because I find it adheres to standards far better than the MS Office documents format. However, there are situations when I have to interact with users who only work with the MS Office document format. Because of that, I have to save documents in .docx and .xlsx formats. That's pretty simple in LibreOffice.

Click File | Save As and select the MS Document format of choice. But what if you only want to work in that particular format, without having to manually select it every time you save a document? Fortunately, the developers made it easy to configure LibreOffice to default to the MS Document format.

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Let me show you how to do this. Open up LibreOffice and click Tools | Options. In the Options window, click to expand the Load/Save entry in the left navigation. Click General and, at the bottom of the window, select the document type you want to configure. Then, from the Always save as drop-down, select the MS Document format you need to use. Do this for each document type you need to work with and, once you are finished, click OK. That's all there is to it.

Now, when you save a document in LibreOffice, it will automatically save as the document type you have selected. Do note, should you need to save in the Open Document Format type. You'll go through File | Save As and select the format in question. Congratulations, you no longer need to remember to save documents in the non-open format you are forced to use.

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