Creating and editing plain text files in iOS, especially when trying to edit in place using the Files app, has proven difficult for many users since the introduction of iOS 11 and the Files app. Opening and editing files from the Files app without having to copy files was a huge advantage of iOS 11 over previous versions of iOS, but plain text files have been left out.

Many apps can gladly open these files, but saving them as plain text without having to go through the standard iOS “copy to app” first model was not something that has been possible–until now.

Textor was introduced recently on Apple’s App Store, and the free app has quickly won over many plain text users as a simple way to open nearly any file in place, edit, and save it back to the Files app. Learn how easy it is to use the Textor app to create and edit files in iOS 11.

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How to open and edit files in place using Textor

If you use the Files app with any of the services that support it (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.), follow these steps to open and edit a file in place.

  1. Open the Textor app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select the Browse tab.
  3. Navigate and select the file you wish to open.

The file will open, and the contents will be displayed for you to edit (Figure A).

Figure A

When you are finished editing the file, you can save the current changes by tapping the Done button in the top left corner of the editor view.

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How to create a new file with Textor

To create a new file with Textor, launch the app, tap the Browse tab at the bottom, and select Create Document in the directory you wish to create the document inside of (Figure B).

Figure B

When you are finished creating the plain text file, tap the Done button. The document will automatically be saved using Untitled.txt; however, you can easily rename it inside of the Files app, and subsequent edits and saves will use the new filename.