How to create speed dial groups in the Vivaldi browser

If you're searching for a way to better organize and work with bookmarks in Vivaldi browser give Speed Dial Groups a try.

How to create speed dial groups in the Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi has become one of my favorite web browsers. Why? Because it not only does a great job of quickly rendering web pages, but it's one of the more flexible apps of its kind. This browser includes features you didn't even know you needed. Once such feature allows you to create groups on the Speed Dial page, and, in turn, add bookmarks to the groups. This feature goes a long way to help make your web browser experience less cluttered and more efficient.

Speed Dial Groups have been available for some time and are slowly replacing standard bookmarks for yours truly. Why? Because Speed Dial is faster to use and groups allow me to keep that speed dial page better organized.

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I'm going to show you how to create groups for the Vivaldi Speed Dial page and then demonstrate how to add bookmarks to the groups.

What you need

The only thing you'll need is the Vivaldi web browser installed on your computer. The platform you use won't matter, as the Speed Dial groups feature is available whether you use Linux, macOS, or Windows.

With that browser ready to go, let's group.

Creating a group

To create a group on the Speed Dial page, do the following:

  1. Open Vivaldi.
  2. Open a new tab.
  3. On the Speed Dial page (Figure A), click the + button.
  4. Give the group a name and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Figure A

Figure A: Creating a new group for the Vivaldi Speed Dial page.

Your new group will appear in the tabs, to the right of the Speed Dial tab.

Adding bookmarks to your new group

Now we need to add sites to the new group. This is quite simple. If you click + on the new group page, a popup will open with an address bar and suggestions (Figure B).

Figure B

Figure B: Adding a new site to the group.

Either type the URL for the site to be added and hit Enter or click one of the suggestions.

From the add bookmark page, you can also create new folders for the group. Folders will live on the specified tab and allow you to further organize your groups. Do note, you cannot drag and drop bookmarks in a group to a folder (Vivaldi, you should make this happen). Once you create a folder, you have to open the folder and then add new bookmarks (in the same fashion as you added them to the group). Making use of group folders is a great way to better organize those bookmarks (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C: Better organization of Speed Dial Groups.

And that's pretty much the gist of using Speed Dial Groups in the Vivaldi browser. If you're looking for a way to better organize and work with bookmarks, you've found it. Give this feature a try and see if it alone doesn't woo you over to making Vivaldi your default browser.

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Image: Jack Wallen