How to cut through blockchain hype

The mechanics behind the blockchain is real, and the tech is where the innovation is, says Shidan Gouran, CEO of Global Blockchain.

How to cut through blockchain hype

Global Blockchain's CEO Shidan Gouran spoke to TechRepublic about the mechanics, innovation, and tech that goes into blockchain. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Dan Patterson: Explain the mechanics of how this works on Playboy, and can be scaled out to other media enterprises.

Shidan Gouran: On Playboy, you come and, there's content there. If you like the content, and a sufficient number of people like the content, then the content producer earns tokens. If you comment on the content, and people like your comment, for example, you can earn tokens yourself. So, it's that simple. But the mechanics behind it, to make it so that it's fair and can't be gamed, is where the real innovation is. And where companies like Vice Industry Token have really excelled. And, what we're going is implementing the system for Playboy, in partnership with them, and operating it. So, portal operators can actually take a portion of the tokens generated. That becomes a form of revenue, assuming these tokens have value in the future, right? And we're seeing today they do, some of these tokens have considerable value. They're very liquid. They trade. People buy things with them. People trade them with each other. They speculate on them... all sorts of things.

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