With the latest iterations of Android, you have the ability to get pretty granular with quite a lot of settings. One big change involves the notification shade. With a single long press on a notification, you can configure various options. One such option is notification importance. This gives you the ability to change whether a notification is blocked, gets full attention, and all points in between. Out of the box, all applications control the notification importance. I’m going to show you how to take back control of that particular option.

If you pull down your Android notification shade and long press on a notification, you’ll see the notification importance is grayed out, indicating the app determines the importance.

Let’s take back control.

To change that option, tap the MORE SETTINGS button. Once you arrive on the settings page, tap the A button to take the control away from the app.

With that disabled, you are free to change the notification importance in either the settings window, or from within the notification for that particular app.

You have to do this for every app you want control of within the notification shade, so don’t think enabling user control of the Gmail app will give you control of every app on your device. It won’t. The simple solution is, whenever you see a notification that you want complete control over, follow the steps I’ve outlined and you’ll be good to go.

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