How to make LibreOffice Writer remember your last cursor position

Jack Wallen shows you how to configure LibreOffice so that it opens documents right where you last edited them.

How to make LibreOffice Writer remember your last cursor position

How many times have you worked on a document in LibreOffice, and had to stop in the middle of work and close the application, only to reopen it later and painstakingly search for where you left off? It's happened to me on a number of occasions--until I discovered the trick to avoiding this efficiency buzz-kill.

Out of the box, LibreOffice opens every document at the beginning. Fortunately, the developers saw to add a little feature that would, when configured, open a document at the location of your cursor where you last worked on the document.

Although this little trick is really easy to add to LibreOffice, it's not even remotely obvious where the configuration option is located. In fact, you're probably thinking there's an option called Open Document Where Last Edited. Nope. There's no such thing.

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Where and what is the option? I'll tell you. However, you should know that this only works with documents that are in the open document format so, .odf, .odt, .ods, etc. If you work with an MS Office-native file, this trick won't work. Sorry about your luck on that.


Now, how do you make this happen? Open any LibreOffice document and click Tools | Options. In the Options window click User Data. In the resulting window fill in at least your first name and your last name. (It doesn't have to actually be your real name, it just has to be something.) Once you've done that, click OK.

That's it. Now, the next time you open a LibreOffice document, it will open with the cursor in the last location you edited. Congratulations, you've just removed a small step when working with LibreOffice documents, making the process fractionally more efficient. Who says open source isn't easy?

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Image: Jack Wallen