How to recover files from an inaccessible memory card with Disk Drill

If you find you have a memory card that can't be accessed, fear not--that data might not be completely lost. With the help of a tool like Disk Drill, you could save those files.

How to recover files from an inaccessible memory card with Disk Drill

Have you ever attempted to retrieve files from a memory card, only to find out those files are inaccessible? What do you do if those are the only copies of said files? Do you panic? Or, do you attempt to recover them? 

If those files are crucial for your business, you recover them. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to make this happen. One such tool is Disk Drill. At $89.00, Disk Drill isn't the cheapest option on the market, but it is quite reliable. 

I want to show you how easy it is to recover data from an inaccessible memory card, using the Pro version of this tool. 

In order to recover files, insert the memory card in question and fire up Disk Drill. The card should immediately show up in the Disk Drill main window. If this is the first time you've used Disk Drill, click the Recover button associated with the card. If you've already run a recovery on the card, click Continue. 

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In the next window, click the Recover button at the top-right. As Disk Drill recovers files, you will see a count associated with the scan (which will be either Deep or Quick), indicating how many files have been found. You can either wait for the scan to complete or click Pause, at which point you can expand the scan entry to reveal any and all recoverable files. 

Before you select and recover the files, you must first choose a destination for the recovery. To do this, click the Location drop-down and navigate to where you want to house the recovered files. 

Next, check all the files you want to recover and click the Recover button once again. The window will change to reveal the file recovery progress. 

Once the recovery is complete, your files can be found in the location you chose earlier. 

And that's all there is to recovering files from an inaccessible memory card using Disk Drill. This is one of those tools you hope to never have to use, but will be glad it's there on the off-chance you need it. Happy file recovery.

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Image: iStockphoto/Olivier Le Moal