How to start an IoT project at your company

At the 2018 LiveWorx conference, Kevin Lee, head of marketing for Samsung ARTIK IoT, explained how enterprises can begin working in the IoT space to gain business value.

How to start an IoT project at your company

Kevin Lee is the head of marketing for Samsung ARTIK IoT. He spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome during LiveWorx 2018 to share his advice about beginning work in the IoT space to gain value.

Kevin Lee: Samsung, as you know, is known for appliances. So, we have huge growth in smart appliances and smart homes. Our customers are actually expanding into the IoT in industrial, as well as the smart buildings, for example. When I say "industrial" that includes smart factories, industry 4.0, and any commercial business that are looking to take advantage of the IoT in their businesses.

The best way to start IoT is look for ways to improve your business to move the connectivity to the IoT. When I say "IoT", your devices has to be collecting useful data and make use of data in a way that benefits your business and that means having your data connected to a intelligent device that collects the data and sending the data to the cloud where you can analyze information to improve your business. And I would start with the process that would provide most improvement out of the area that you're having challenges with and see where you could benefit from using the data being collected through the IoT.

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