How to subscribe to a Google Calendar

If you need to follow another Google user's calendar, you're only a few clicks away. Find out how to make this a reality.

How to subscribe to a Google Calendar

If you're a user of Google's cloud apps, you have probably discovered how interconnected they are. Not only do the apps work seamlessly with one another, they make it really easy for you to connect with other Google users. 

One way this is perfectly illustrated is the ability to subscribe to other Google users' calendars. Now, you cannot just subscribe to anyone's calendar. First off, the user has to be in your contacts. Second, if the user hasn't made the calendar public, you have to request access to that person's calendar. 

With that in mind, how do you subscribe to another user's calendar? Let me show you. 

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Subscribing to a Google Calendar 

  1. Open your Google Calendar instance and scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar. 
  2. Click the plus button associated with Other Calendars and click Subscribe To Calendar. 
  3. In the resulting window, type or select the email address associated with the calendar for which you want to subscribe. 
  4. Chances are you do not have access to that calendar, so you must request access. Type a message to that user and then click Request Access. 
  5. Once the user receives your request, they can then either accept it or deny it. Should the user accept the request, their calendar will then appear in your list of Google Calendars. 

Congratulations, you've subscribed to your first Google Calendar. You now can keep tabs on that user's Google Calendar. Enjoy.

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