How to use the Firefox Task Manager

With the help of the Firefox Task Manager, you can find out which tabs are consuming too many system resources.

How to use the Firefox Task Manager

Did you know that Firefox comes with a built-in task manager? That's right. And with this task manager you can see which of your tabs are causing your system to slow down. This is an incredibly important (and underused) tool in the Firefox tool box. 

Why would you want to use it? What happens when you have one of many tabs consuming more than its fair share of resources? Do you just guess which one it is and close that chosen tab? What if you're wrong? What if the tab housing your critical work is the culprit and it continues on until it crashes and you lose that work? You could have saved your work, before that process gobbler got too far out of hand. 

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Instead, take the guesswork out and use the Firefox Task Manager. 

To open the Task Manager click on the Firefox menu button, and then click More | Task Manager. Another means of opening the Task Manager is by typing about:performance in the Firefox address bar. 

When the Task Manager opens, check to see which tabs are using the most resources, hover your cursor over the tab in question, and click the associated X that appears in the right column. The offending tab will close, giving you back those precious system resources. 

And that's all you can do with the Firefox Task Manager, which is actually a good thing, because too much bloat in that tool and you might find that the Task Manager is actually the tab causing the problems. And nobody wants to open the Task Manager to close the Task Manager--that's an admin's recursive nightmare. Make the Firefox Task Manager a regular in your IT toolbox, so you can empower yourself to know which tabs are giving your systems grief.

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