How to use the new Vivaldi Notes tool

The developers of Vivaldi have released a new version that includes a much-improved Notes tool. Jack Wallen explains.

How to use the new Vivaldi Notes tool

The developers of Vivaldi are fond of bringing out new features for their web browser--features that actually make sense. This time around, they've supercharged their Notes feature and made it really useful. Instead of the Notes tool being an overly-simplistic app for taking simple, text-based notes, Vivaldi has built in a visual note editor that allows you to format text, add links and attachments, work in markdown mode, and (as with previous versions) syncs to your Vivaldi cloud account so you can access those notes from any Vivaldi browser associated with your account. 

The Notes tool is actually quite easy to use. If you've ever used a visual text editor in a browser, you'll instantly be at home. You'll need to make sure to be using Vivaldi version 3.1.1929 or newer to enjoy the improved Notes tool. Once you've upgraded, open Vivaldi and click on the Notes icon in the left navigation. 

When the Notes panel opens, you can click the folder icon to create a new folder or click the plus button to create a new note. In the bottom pane, start typing your note. You'll notice, in this view, there are no formatting options. To get to the formatting tools, double-click the name of the note in the top pane to open the full editor in a new browser tab. 

From within this tab, you'll have access to all of the options available to the tool. If you want to add an attachment to the note, click the Attachment button and then click Add Attachment from the drop-down. At this point, using the Notes tool should be second nature to anyone who's used a WYSIWYG editing tool. It's all very easy to use. 

The one caveat to the Vivaldi Notes tool is that the mobile version doesn't enjoy all the features found in the new release. In fact, the mobile version of the tool is text-only and doesn't allow the addition or viewing of attachments or formatting. Even notes formatted in the web-based version will show up as unformatted text in the mobile iteration. 

Hopefully, in future releases, Vivaldi will bring the mobile version in line with the web take on Notes. Other than that, the Vivaldi Notes tool is a great addition to this fantastic browser.

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Image: Jack Wallen